About US

International Perfume Services Trading Company Limited is the only authorized representative of Van Phuc Cosmetic brand with over two decades of experience in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, one of the National Best Cosmetics Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that has Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) qualified facility. Our mission is to provide cosmetics products and services of superior quality and value that satisfy the demands of the world’s customers. Our top-selling categories over the last 20 years include:

– Hair Care products

– Fragrances

– Personal Care products

To ensure the best product quality and maintain environmental friendly, our manufactory always maximizes the application of modern science and technology innovation into our production. Indeed, we have a system of automatic and semi-automatic machinery lines controlled by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians.

International Perfume Co., Ltd. has distributed Van Phuc Cosmetic brand products and services to customers not only in Vietnam but also in Europe and Asia including some of the world’s largest markets, China and India.

Our most popular brands are Le’s Smart, Les Frénchisés, Glorin, and INZ. In which, Glorin and INZ brands are franchised by Wayco Research and INZ Enterprise from the United Kingdom (UK).

All of our products are registered trademarks and quality of goods at the National Ministry of Health and National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP).

Our consumers’ health and safety are always our top priority. We appreciate all of the customers who already used and trusted our high-quality products during the past time. We will continue improving the lives of the world’s customers in the future. As the support of animal welfare, our products and ingredients are not tested on animals.